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The letters REG are my initials ( Robert Everist Greene) and that is how I have signed my articles in The Absolute Sound for the more than twenty years that I have been writing there.

This web site has two purposes. First, many of the articles I have written for The Absolute Sound are about general audio matters, and these articles are of current interest, I hope. Things like microphone techniques , how we hear stereo imaging , and concert hall acoustics do not change very fast, and the information I collected at the time still applies. But it is not so easy to keep track of back issues of TAS, and the TAS web site does not go back quite far enough. So I got permission to put such articles up on this website.

My second idea is to provide information about equipment in somewhat more detail than I can do in TAS . After all, I have to leave space for the other TAS writers! For instance, I usually do extensive measurements on the speakers I review, but there is seldom room to include more than a verbal summary of these measurements in my TAS review. But you can see the whole story here.

I do hope you will find the information here interesting, and I would be very glad to hear from you about it. Please feel free to send me email using the link provided. Suggestions and comments are welcome , and I will write back to you.


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